Is Test Drive a broker?
Not really. Test Drive is an entirely new category in transportation, desperately seeking to bring carriers and shippers directly together avoiding brokers altogether! However, Test Drive must maintain brokerage authority and insurance, as we need to have the ability to tender shipper loads to carriers be allow the “test drive” process to work.
Do carriers have to start in "Test Drive"?
Absolutely not. If we suggest a carrier and the shipper would like to onboard them without going through Test Drive, great! In essence, we then simply become a no cost matchmaker offering carrier suggestions we think fit best. You, the shipper, determine that.
How long is a carrier "Test Driven"?

There is no set timetable. Test Drive shippers dictate when they want to contract a carrier. It may take 2 weeks, it may take 6 months or longer – it really depends on the shipper’s preference.

How is Test Drive involved once the carrier is contracted with the shipper?
Test Drive continues to work with the shipper and carrier simply as a resource going forward, getting involved as needed to assure timely feedback on rates, commitments, service issues, etc.
Why would you do this?

The industry is demanding a change. Change that helps everyone and improves visibility to all involved. Asset based carriers are doing the heavy lifting while taking on the majority of the risk. We’re doing this to help the trucking industry continue to develop and improve, and help asset based carriers and shippers alike.

What if I have a carrier that I would like to insert quickly into testing?
That’s exactly the reason we exist. Insert ANY carrier of your choosing to quickly gain access to that capacity and take a closer look a mutual fit.
How do you know which carriers to reach out to for various opportunities?

Test Drive owns a proprietary database which keeps up to date shipper networks of lanes, carrier lanes of need including specific capabilities of each carrier.

What can I expect from a carrier in the Test Drive network?

Test Drive carriers are some of the top carriers in the country. All asset based with the ability to drop trailers, stable, FMCSA compliant and capable of servicing highly visible requirements.

What if I already have a carrier contracted that Test Drive suggests?

We simply won’t utilize that carrier on your freight. This happens frequently as we have so many carriers around the country working with us. We won’t get involved in any of your relationships – we’re simply here to help add or upgrade your carrier base when its warranted.

How does Test Drive profit?

Test Drive takes a minimal fixed margin of the linehaul. This amount is utilized for unavoidable expenses such as physical office space, employees pay, insurance, authority, etc. With no debt and over 100%+ growth year over year since inception, increased scalability has been solidified without adding much overhead.

Where does the fixed margin go when the shipper has contracted with the carrier?

The margin is simply eliminated, resulting in a decrease for the shipper. The carrier rates remain the same just billable directly to the shipper.

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