Test Drive is the industry’s first anti-broker, assisting shippers and asset-based trucking companies in locating, testing and ultimately contracting directly with one another. 


In 2010, Doug Fox and Brent Jordan dreamed of a solution that would benefit both shippers and carriers in the trucking industry. Little did they know at the time that their dream would later become the key that started Test Drive.

20 years prior, Brent worked his way into upper management at Gainey Transportation, an asset-based trucking company that grew to as many as 2,200 trucks and was the 19th largest truckload carrier in America. In the early 2000s, Brent and Doug met when Brent hired Doug as a sales intern for Gainey. After months of training, Doug was hired full-time as Gainey’s Southwest Regional Sales Manager based out of Dallas, TX. Throughout multiple years of business trips, meetings, and endless discussions around industry challenges, Brent and Doug developed a close relationship not just as colleagues, but also as great friends.  At Gainey, the sales team was required to avoid brokers at all costs. Often, by moving trucks empty for hundreds of miles and at a loss before allowing a broker to take advantage.

This mentality was engrained: FIND DIRECT CUSTOMERS and develop long-lasting partnerships with shippers that valued such.  Around 2009, the U.S. economy was struggling and bank failures hurt many companies and industries throughout the country and the world. As changes occurred within the trucking industry and namely, with Gainey’s bank loan, the opportunity for something new came about. During customer meetings over the years, we heard the same questions being asked that highlighted a growing concern in the industry.

As well, there were similar challenges coming from Transportation Managers wondering, “How can I locate new fleets that fit my specific need?” Ironically, while we sat in the seat of an asset-based fleet, we asked a related question, “How can I locate new shippers that can fill my specific need?” These questions navigated the road that led to the creation of Test Drive. Together, Doug and Brent set forth down a path in search of filling a void and a need that would favor both carriers and shippers.


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